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Christmas at Grandmas

You arrive at Grandma’s for humble affair
But to your surprise no one was there.

Arriving at a scene that’s all a jumble
One thing’s for sure, it wasn’t the bumble.

You must find out what happened here
Or there will be no more Christmas cheer!

Escape the Speakeasy

Welcome to the 1920’s, when prohibition is at its peak. Not that it stops anyone from having a drink or two. That’s where speakeasies, or underground bars, come into play. You and your friends are out having a great time at your local speakeasy when you find out a raid is on the way. You have one very important task: stop the police raid that is about to occur in the next 60 minutes and keep everyone from going to jail. Do you have what it takes? Great for players of all ages and experience levels.

Explorer Study

Meet Dr. Edward Blythe. And then… wish you hadn’t. You and your friends have had a valuable artifact stolen from you by this shady fiend, and after a long journey you’ve managed to track down his study to get it back. Find clues and solve puzzles to retrieve this artifact within 60 minutes before Dr. Blythe returns and catches you in the act! Best for intermediate to experienced players, but all are welcome!

Do You Have What It Takes?

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