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Q: Are the rooms cleaned regularly?

A: Definitely. We typically have done deep cleanings a couple times a week. In light of the Corona Virus we are disinfecting rooms after every group. We are taking this very serious and making sure to wipe down handled materials and surfaces in the rooms. As well as having sanitizer available.

Q: Is there an Age Limit?

A: Yes. If there is a group of minors 14 years and under, they must be chaperoned by an adult. Also, we understand that infants and toddlers can be a handful. For this reason, we do not permit children 7 and under with mixed, public groups in order to preserve the experiences of the people playing the game. If you are playing as a private booking, they are welcome to join, but keep in mind they will require a lot of your attention and distract you from the game.

Q: Do we need to sign Waivers?

A: All participants must sign a liability waiver before experiencing each room. The waivers will be given to you upon your arrival. All minors need waivers filled out by a parent or guardian; we can send a copy of the waiver to you via email before their arrival, or the parent/guardian can fill one out on location.

Q: What Time should we be there?

A: Your party should be here 15 minutes prior to scheduled start time for check-in and instructions.

Q: What if we are Late?

A: We strongly recommend being early or on time. If you are late, the party will go on without you.

Q: Do you offer Refunds or Reschedules if something comes up?

A: We do not offer refunds, however, if you need to reschedule a game, you need to do so 48 hours before the time of your booking.

Q: Do you take Walk-Ins?

A: Walk-ins are welcome but we strongly recommend scheduling online because we are not always on site or the time slot you may be seeking could already be filled.

Q: Can we pay with Cash?

A: We do not accept cash payments. You will need to enter your debit/credit information while you are booking.

Q: What about Cell Phones?

A: We do not allow any pictures or videos to be taken while playing a game, and you will not need them for any reason. We ask that you keep them out of sight for the duration of your experience. For your convenience, we have free lockers for you to put up anything you do not want to keep on you.

Q: Where do we Park?

A: There is parking along the front and left-side of the building, as well as plenty of free street parking.

Q: Are there Cameras in the Escape Rooms?

A: Yes, cameras are used to observe the room during and as a security measure.

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